Things to know about toothbrush hygiene

Where has your toothbrush been last replaced? We throw out expired ingredients, restock supplements and additives and often substitute our beauty products, but our dental hygiene is not as essential or thoughtful as the others of our diet when it comes to health and beauty. There are relevant rules and tips to keep your dental wellbeing optimum.

Most dentists and the ADA propose replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. Every 3 months. Over time, tooth burns are used and less efficient as plaques are separated from teeth and gums. Studies have shown that the bristles collapse and lose their productivity for about 3 months.

Another thing we generally don’t worry about and certainly don’t like worrying about is that germs will disappear and expand in the braces of the toothbrush. It is vital that you replace the toothbrush after codling or risk reinfection. It is also important.

Fungus and bacteria can also grow when not adequately cared for in the bristles. After use, make sure the tooth biospheres are rinsed and dried properly stored upright and held away from the others. Pay care while you are driving to secure your toothbrush head and reduce the propagation of germs.

When your head is worn out, fan out or orange, or in particular when you see variations in the dark color which is a result of a mound, whether you can’t recall specifically how long it has been, pay particular attention to the state of your head.

If it is not enough just to replace your toothbrush more often to realize the bacteria and funguses accumulate on your toothbrush, there are often a variety of other risks and uninviting concerns that do not substitute your toothbrush. One risk consists of destroying the gums, so old toothbrushes do not function until plaque from the teeth is stripped and gingivitis is a result. Gingivitis, which if left unchecked, leads to infections that can lead to teeth falling.

Your toothbrush may develop a mound, or it may be less attractive, you can ingest unpleasant particles if kept by the toilet (see: bacterial and fungal build-ups). But for now, I will swap my toothbrush with my dentist and plan a thorough cleaning.

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