Things to know about depression

Mental illness is still considered a taboo to discuss even though most of the younger generation is suffering from some kind of mental illness be it depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. Some so many people write and educate about mental illness so that people who have them can come out and get themselves treated. These awareness programs or lectures can be helpful for those as well who know someone who has mental health issues so that they can help them by taking them for treatment. People having depression or anxiety or any kind of mental issues can go to a psychiatrist in Dubai to get themselves treated with the help of professional methods. Depression treatment in Dubai is easier to get and you will be treated by well-qualified psychiatrists having great expertise in the field.

Apart from professional help, a person suffering from depression or mental illness needs help from people around them but they do not know what to do. Here are some tips for people who do not know what to say or do when their loved ones have a mental illness:

  1. Never show them that you do not understand what they are saying and show them that you understand them and care for them. Even if they do not make sense at all, still try to be supportive and ensure your presence. People suffering from depression or anxiety need constant reminders that they are loved and understood and they are not alone in their fight with mental illness. Your support is very important for people having mental health illness as their mind is playing tricks with them every second of their lives that they are alone and sad.

  2. Check on them often. See if they need anything or want some help because people having depression or anxiety do not even want to get out of their beds for days without eating properly or getting a shower. They have difficulty carrying out the simple daily task.

  3. Try to engage them in different activities and do not leave them alone with their thoughts. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to make them feel welcomed so do not take them somewhere where they feel uncomfortable or they do not feel like going. Try to do things that they usually did when they did not have depression. For example, if someone is an introvert and have been experiencing mental health issues and you want to help them then taking them out to a party will not help them because their introverted nature does not allow them to enjoy instead stay home with them and maybe watching a movie together or go on a walk.