The Do’s and Don’ts of Exhibition Stand Design

While planning to design an exhibition stand, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind if you wish to generate enough public interest and increase profits. To get the attention your stand deserves, make sure to follow these rules:

Firstly, focus on the exhibition stand design and remember that you need to protrude above the crowd and entice everyone to visit your stand, leaving behind all of your competitors. An innovative, ostentatious exhibition stand is what your designer should work out with you. Whether it’s a prestigious international exhibition or you are visiting a local trade show, a carefully designed impactful exhibition stand will surely provide a competitive edge to your brand.

Another aspect that must be ensured is your exhibition stand design’s ability to allure passersby. There is nothing worse than a boring stand with nothing to serve the attendees’ sight. No doubt, the exhibition marketing industry has exceptionally become competitive and landing at an exhibition with a couple of banners, a table and chair, would be nothing but a crash landing indeed.

As a matter of fact, the more innovative and artistic your stand, the more customers and profits you will attain. You can easily find the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai through internet search.

Moreover, your representative team should be responsive and passionate about what you do. If you are really looking forward to influence your potential clients by interacting with them, then you have to have the stand to be manned by a team that is energetic and enthusiastic.

Now, coming to the don’ts of exhibition stand design, the first one is to use a stand that is falling apart and is in worst condition due to extensive use. Your stand must always be in the best condition as it promotes a professional image for your company.

Don’t use a stand or other equipment which is not in proper working condition. Make sure everything is up to date and the themes or interactive devices you have are all working to entice visitors and pull them towards the stand. Having televisions or screens that are barely working will lose your stand’s appeal and make it boring for the attendees.

Lastly, don’t ever acquire a stand without ample branding materials. The exhibition stand design should properly manifest your company’s image and brand with you ensuring to have sufficient branding material throughout, for your clients to take home with them.

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